Brunette Balayage

Brunette Balayage

WHO? @seanmichaelhair @styledbyamelialabbe

WHERE? 63 Andover St Andover MA 01810 @theSalonBeau

WHEN? Live Demo: June 18, 2018 // 9 AM - 1 PM

PRICE? $149 


Finding light in the dark.

Are you having trouble with the Brunette Balayage being too streaky? Sean & Amelia have master a way to subtly add dimension without overwhelming your Brunettes. This twenty five minute technique will add hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pockets each week. incorporating balayage services  to your brunette clients is going to be an easy way to expand your balayage business.

What you will learn:

Our students will learn how to successfully communicate during a balayage consultation, learn how to identify which placements are necessary for the desired look as well as the proper saturation for the hair type and color. Finally they will learn which toners to use to achieve instagram worthy colors. BONUS: Instagram posing & picture taking!