Spring Trends

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Contrasting Roots

Are you looking for a very low maintenance color? Well you're in luck. This lived in, carefree color is perfect for less trips to the salon. Adding a subtly darker glaze to your root after lightening your hair will give you a rooted look when you leave the salon. As your hair grows out and your root glaze fades, your regrowth will blend in perfectly giving you the same look for weeks. 


Cream Soda

This beige based color with golden highlights is a derivative of "bronde". This diverse hair color is great to rock Spring through Winter. In Spring/Summer golden highlights will be more predominant as in the Fall/Winter the color will be more about beige brown roots with subtle golden hues around the face and throughout the ends.


Real Red

From Blorange to mulled wine - reds have been in for the last few years. But the true red that we all love is making its come back. Little Mermaid inspired.


Subtle Tone Change

Ombre is back my friends..... No, not like that unfortunate 2014 ombre but a beautiful tone change from your natural shade to only a shade or two lighter. This trend is doable for any and every color - whether you are blonde, brunette, red or even a fashion color. 


Nude / Beige

This perfect blend of cool and warm tones is flattering on many different skin tones. The combination of the two tones cancel each other to create a perfect neutral shade. Are you someone who likes to keep it nude with your make up? This might be the next best thing for you.


Washed-Out Pink

Pink hair is back on the scene for 2018! (#KimK) if the idea of pink hair intrigues and makes you nervous then a washed out subtle pink may be the solution for you. You will get the fun of an edgy color without the commitment or maintenance. If you have naturally light hair or are willing to lighten your hair then a light pink glaze can be applied. The glaze will show your natural hair color thru to give it a washed out look.


Glowy Highlights

Glowy highlights is to your hair as what a bomb highlighter is to your cheek bones. These lighter pieces strategically placed around your hairline will mimic your skin tone to in turn compliment your face and brighten the over all look of your hair.


Pearly Blonde

Gone are the days of of flat one dimensional platinum blonde. Todays women are looking for a multifaceted color that show cases an effortless looking color. To get the pearly tone start with an almost white cool tone blonde and layer with a buttery blonde color to get this iridescent look.

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Ocean Blue

With edgy colors on the rise and stylist perfecting their "unicorn" skills, now is the time to jump on the BLUE band wagon. The variations of blue are endless from a vibrant turquoise to a smokey denim. Inspiration is all around you, this has become an insanely popular color with celebrities like Kylie Jenner. You can keep it simple with one color or mix a few hues for a dimensional blue. 


Bright Blonde

Are you in search of that perfect shade of blonde? A blonde full of dimension and many tones may be as close as it gets to that perfect blonde. Ask for heavier babylights that mixes many shades throughout your whole head and your stylist can achieve this look on you!

Out of the Dark and into the Light

Going very lighter is never an easy task - especially from very dark.

What's the best way to go lighter?


The best way to go lighter is to do it in steps. This allows the hair to recover during each lightening process and protects the integrity of your hair. Using Olaplex is crucial to protect your hair from damaging before it happens. Our clients on average see us 2-5 times before getting to their desired lightness. Although this may seem like a lot, it will ensure they are always walking out with beautiful healthy shiny hair at every stage of their hair transformation.

Our first step is cutting through previous color, if you don’t have any then you are one step ahead of the game.
— Owner Sean

What can I expect each process?


The initial lightening process will determine how many visits it should take until reaching your desired color. If you have previous color in your hair (even from years ago) this can cause it to be harder to get lighter, adding more steps to your process. Don't bother lying to your stylist about what is in your hair, it will only make it harder for us to decide the best course of action for your hair. There is no skipping steps when it comes to lightening your hair.

My clients bring in photos of beautiful hair color everyday. What they do not always understand is there are multiple hair appointments behind that beautiful hair color photo. Going lighter takes time and patience.
— Stylist Amelia

What can I do to keep my hair healthy and beautiful during the process?


Although we are doing our job in salon to secure your hair's integrity we also suggest an at home conditioning treatment. Our favorites are Olaplex No. 3 (only $26) Kevin Murphy Re.Store (only $32), and DevaCurl Heaven In Hair (only $28).

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